Introducing Redis To Go

Redis, an advanced key-value store, has recently seen major uptake. Think of Redis as a database for data-structures. The ability to store different data-structures gives Redis strength and flexibility. After discovering Redis, I find myself using it in nearly all of my projects.

With every project I have done using Redis, I’ve been aggravated when adding a new server to manage. Setting up a server can be daunting, and adds one more part to juggle. My time was not spent on the projects themselves, but felt tediously wasted on managing the system. What happens if the server goes down? How do I make sure Redis is up and running? Where do I backup my data and how do I do it?

This madness ends today! Redis To Go answers all of these problems. In under a minute, a new Redis server is ready for use. Now, using Redis in any project is dead simple.

Redis To Go is currently offered as an add-on to Heroku. The Heroku platform is robust and powerful – a potent combination of simplicity and power. Heroku has a vision for keeping deployment pain-free, a vision Redis To Go is proud to expand. With once click, you can add Redis to your application. Deploying web applications has never been easier.

Don’t use Heroku? Don’t worry. In the coming weeks, we will add the ability to provision Redis directly from the Redis To Go website.

If you are interested in either the Heroku beta program or the Redis To Go website alpha, please fill out this form.

I am excited about this service and would love your feedback and questions. Email james at redistogo or leave you comments on the Hacker News post.


Posted by @benarent on July 5th, 2010 in news

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