Redis hosting in AWS US-West.

RedisToGo is now offering Redis Hosting in AWS US-West-2.

Hurricane Sandy increased demand for this availability┬ázone, and we’ll be giving back to the relief effort for each new plan created this month.

2012 has been a rocky year for AWS-East. We’ve seen several outages from freak storms to gremlins in the servers, making it hard for anyone wanting to achieve 99.999% uptime. We’ve been planning multi-zones for a while, but as Hurricane Sandy approached AWS-East, we were ready for the worst. We sent a mail to our customers and opened up our multi-zone to all customers as a manual process.

Luckily, Hurricane Sandy didn’t disrupt service in AWS-East and our service stayed online throughout the disaster. Hurricane Sandy helped focus our development, and as we stayed up hacking into the early morning, our thoughts went out to all those affected by the disaster.

Today we’re opening AWS-US-West to all RedisToGo customers. We’ll also be donating to the American Red Cross for each new AWS-US-WEST plan created this month.

How to create AWS-US-WEST RedisToGo Server.

Creating a AWS-US-WEST-2 is as easy as our service on AWS-US-EAST-1. A drop-down list on the page, lets you select your availability zone. We currently offer the same plans as in AWS-US-EAST-1.

How to create AWS-US-WEST RedisToGo Server with Heroku.

You can setup a AWS/US-WEST-2 on Heroku by selecting provider_and_region from the CLI.

heroku addons:add redistogo:mini --provider_and_region=aws/us-west-2

We currently offer one Redis server per account but will be rolling out High availability with “followers” soon.

In the meantime, we can manually set this up for you. Please contact

About RedisToGo relief effort donations.

As we prepared for Hurricane Sandy, we watched in shock as the tweets and photos started to stream in. After we pushed our US-West migration, we woke up to see the crisis happening on the East Coast. To give something back, we’ll be donating to the American Red Cross for all West Coast plans created in the month of November.

We’ll be donating on the below tiered basis. At the end of the month, we’ll be following up with a summary post on how much we raised.

Mini and below: $10
Small & Medium: $25
Large & Super: $50

Our thoughts go out to all East Coast developers, families and all others affected by the hurricane.


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